Our Services:

  • Smog inspection
  • lube oil and filter
  • tune up
  • transmission service
  • coolant flush
  • clutch replacement
  • all major engine repair
  • diagnostic services
  • brakes
  • air conditioning repair and service

  • Change Engine Oil
  • Replace Oil Filter
  • Lube Chassis
  • Check and Fill all Fluids
  • Inspect and Adjust
    Drive Belts
  • Inspect Cooling
    System Hoses
  • Replace Coolant
  • Replace Spark Plugs
  • Scope Engine and
    Adjust as needed
  • Replace Air Breather Filters
  • Replace Fuel Filter
    • Replace PCV Valve
    • Replace Automatic Transmission
      Fluid and Filter
    • Inspect Exhaust System
    • Inspect Lights
    • Inspect Steering and Suspension
    • Inspect Brakes and Adjust Parking
    • Rotate Tires
    • Repack Wheel Bearings
    Some cars may require valve adjustment at additional cost

    (satisfies ALL manufacturers' warranty and extended service agreement requirements)

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